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ABC - Letter Hunting in Troll Forest
Pirate Sessa hunting for letters in the woods

ABC – Letters Hunting in the Troll Forest (the movie)

Follow the Pirate Sessa on a trip to the magic Troll Forest. Today we are searching, and finding the whole alphabet – will you find the letters before the Pirate Sessa? A letters hunt is a fun way to practice and learn the alphabet, and you get to do it together with the Pirate Sessa […]

Treasure Hunt in Lima
Dancing with scarves

I have arrived – time for turns and jumps!

The first thing I do when we reach land after traveling with my pirate boat is to dance and move around, I go on shore and dance my favorite moves. I dance even on board the pirate boat but not every day because it’s so very big waves out on the big oceans. Sometimes I […]

Treasure Hunt in Lima
Shipwreck with Pirate Sessa

Play Shipwreck – fun, great balance training

One of my favorite thing to do is playing Shipwreck, or not-touching the floor, or not-touching the ground, as I sometimes call it also. Shipwreck is fun, I think, it’s great for balance and also for body awareness. When I play the shipwreck I use things that are around me and pretend that I jump […]

Treasure Hunt in Lima
Pirate Sessa loves to jump

Do you like to jump? Me too!

It is almost time to weigh anchor and cast off, but before that, Im just gonna finish my jumping routine. I keep on practicing different jumps because It’s so much fun to jump, and a great thing to do before a long trip on my pirate boat, I think. Today I did a lot of […]

Treasure Hunt in Lima
Found a bottle with a message

I got a message in a bottle!

We still have’t found the treasure from Lima here on the island Isla del Coco in Costa Rica, and now we’ve decided stop searching for now. We’ll probably go back here again another time and dig for it. I got a message in a bottle today, from a birdwatcher in Sweden. I’m actually born in […]

Treasure Hunt in Lima
washing clothes in the big ocean

Time to wash clothes in the great sea

We are still on the island Isla del Coco in Costa Rica, we wanna find the treasure of Lima so much! But it’s not going som great for us. We are looking, searching and digging. Well, we do have a lot of fun, anyway. Many treasure hunters have been here before us searching for the […]

Treasure Hunt in Lima
Balance training with Pirate Sessa

My way to walk the plank

When Im not digging for treasures, I usually walk on a plank, fence or line on the ground to work on my balance. I always keep my favorite plank close, it gets to come along on our trips with the pirate boat so that I can balance whenever I want to. I found it once […]

Treasure Hunt in Lima
my treasure

Now – my treasure chest is open!

I’ve managed to open my treasure chest! Inside I found four glasses and a square shaped glass bottle. None of them was broken. They are so nice. I wonder how many years they have been buried here on the island Isla del Coco in Costa Rica? I think I’ll use them on my next birtday […]

Treasure Hunt in Lima
Look what I found, a small treasure

Look! My new treasure chest!

The vase and the fine brass candlesticks that I told you about was not part of the treasure from Lima. We dug so deep we could at the same place but found no more at that spot. We are still here on the island Isla del Coco in Costa Rica. We’re digging from morning to […]

Treasure Hunt in Lima
candlesticks in brass

I found poor man’s gold!

Today I found something beautiful! Two candlesticks in brass, and a vase. It’s not all who think things in brass are nice, some call it the poor man’s gold. Brass is a mixture of the metals copper and zinc, and therefore not as expensive as gold or silver, so, the brass doesn’t costs as much […]

Treasure Hunt in Lima
Greetings from Pirate Sessa

Greetings to YOU from Pirate Sessa’s treasure hunting

Now I’m on a trip with my pirate boat. Princess Mama, Papa Pirate and me. We are now in the Pacific Ocean on the island Isla del Coco in Costa Rica and digging for a treasure. The treasure from Lima, as some pirates hid somewhere here on the island Isla del Coco about 200 years […]