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Active kids are happy kids. Pirate Sessa wants to inspire kids to live an active lifestyle – and love it. By doing fun activities for kids and introducing healthy habits at an early age it’s easier and more likely to develop a healthy, active lifestyle. Healthy habits develop healthy kids.
Many children love to dance and move to music and Pirate Sessa’s kids dance apps make dance more accessible. All you need is an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV and one of Pirate Sessa’s apps for kids.

The dances are made for children 2-7 years and each dance is slightly longer than a minute. Kids can dance alone or together with siblings or friends.

With Pirate Sessa’s kids apps and other activities it’s easy to staying active a natural habit. When dancing with Pirate Sessa – children use their bodies naturally and with the attitude that it’s fun.

Staying active is great for children’s development

Kids who are living an active lifestyle perform better in school – movement and rhythm increase learning ability and children with good body control, will not be the ones chosen last when doing sports.

Pirate Sessa wants to help develop healthy habits for kids and dancing is a great, fun and healthy activity for kids!

Fun activities for children – healthy habits for life

Children who don’t get the opportunity to develop the being-active-naturally-habit in early childhood often says things like ”it’s boring to do sports” or ”it’s boring to walk to places” – already in the early school age (and probably also as a teenager and adult).

This attitude to activity is, of course, a direct effect of that these children never learned and got used to using the body naturally, to move and stay active.

Today’s children are sitting still often (screen time, riding in a car here and there for example).

Children often inherit their attitude on being active from their parents. If you are a parent with a sedentary work and are driving everywhere – it’s extra important to think about and reflect of what habits it gives the kids.

And HOW you can help the child develop more active and healthy habits – because it is possible!

Kids dance is a great contrast to more sedentary hobbies

There is nothing wrong with sedentary hobbies, pottering, beading, playing games on the iPad and so on.

These are great learning experiences and development for children in many ways, and as a complement it’s necessary with movement activities.

The human body is designed to be moving naturally.

Inspiration to dance, balance, go to the forest and more

Classic playing and simple moves are often enough to inspire children to an active lifestyle and make ”moving the body” into a natural part of everyday life.

Pirate Sessa’s ambition is to inspire kids and parents to do easy, fun activities that are not sedentary, to do something fun while moving the body – via apps and inspirational videos.

Pirate Sessa’s kids dance concept was founded in 2013 by swedish dance teacher and personal trainer Caroline Nilsson and has since inspired the children, parents and school teachers to dance and do activities that are not sedentary, via apps and the inspiration videos in Pirate Sessa’s World.

2 kids dance apps

Pirate Sessa’s kids dance apps are available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, more info:

Some of the Pirate Sessa’s inspiration videos with fun activities for kids

Balancing and balance exercises develops body awareness and body control. Activities for children that develop this particular skills is actually quite simple to arrange, young children think that many simple things are very fun and entertaining.

Check what is available nearby and have fun!

A plank or a fence or a white line on the ground – are examples of great things to practice balance exercises on.

Hunting letters is a fun way for children to develop language skills and move at the same time. You can do letters hunting anywhere, or search for other things.

Like cones, or make a quiz with questions, or search for toys with reflectives with a flashlight. It doesn’t even need to be in the forest, it can be in the park or the backyard as well.

As an adult you can help kids deveolp healthy habits pretty easy. You find ideas to simple balance exercises and to fun activities in the forest by watching the inspirational videos in Pirate Sessa’s World.

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