Pirate Sessa kids dance in the Caslte

The app: Kids Dance with the Pirate Sessa in the Castle

10 kids dance videos where you get to hang out with the Pirate Sessa in her mother’s castle – to dance and just have fun.

The dance moves are made for children around 2-7 years old, the dances are named after words that children recognize.

It’s easy to learn the dances

As an adult you can say the dance titles the first few times, ”this is the butterfly dance” for example.

Your child will soon know all the titles and will probably find some favorite dances, and they might vary over time.

The Pirate Sessa kids dance concept is made to do at home in the living room, at the birthday party or in pre-school.

The 10 dances in the app Kids Dance with the Pirate Sessa in the Castle

Each dance video has a theme that the child can relate to – with simple moves so that the child can just follow along.

The dances in ”Pirate Sessa in the Castle” are inspired by the butterfly, police car, robot, airplane, horse, tiger, frog, scissors and bear. Video and music for each track.

Dance number 10 is freeze dance, which is popular with many children, built-in pauses in the music makes it easy to do dance and freeze – again and again.

Description of the dances in the app Kids Dance with the Pirate Sessa in the Castle:

1. Butterfly Dance

Flapping the wings like a butterfly – large butterfly, small butterfly, spin around and fly fast. Try your wings! These moves helps develop arm coordination, balance and body awareness.

2. Police Car Dance

Driving the police car – with the big wheel and the small wheel. Chase the thief! Practice arm movements, rhythm and learning the difference in sizes large and small. Honk and drive!

3. The Robot Dance

The robot is searching, walking on the moon and doing gymnastics. Moving like a robot is dancing like a robot! Develops better coordination arms and legs, in a fun way.

4. Air Plane Dance

Lift, air at full speed and land. Again and again! Learning and practising to move in a certain path (running in an eight pattern) (although it is perfectly OK to run anyhow) (over time the child will probably start running in an eight, but there is nothing you as a parent needs to push).

5. Horse Dance

Gallop and trot like a horse – and you also get to do the fun horse clap play. The moves develop coordination arms and hands, increase rhythm and body control for the entire body. It is not important to move or clap the same beats or not even in the same order as Pirate Sessa in the video, a clap play is a clap play – always right and always fun!

6. Tiger Dance

Here comes the tiger! The tiger hunts and tiger is sneaking around here and there. Sneak and dance like a tiger, look as scary as you can! The moves develop child’s coordination skills and role play.

7. Frog Dance

Dance and move as a frog and of course – jump like a frog! Natural movements that strengthens the body and improve body control.

8. Scissors Dance

Scissors jumps and zig-zag steps alternated, cut-cut and scissors is running fast!
Practising tempo changes, jumps and the ability to coordinate arms and legs.

9. Bear Dance

The bear is sleeping, playing peekaboo, lumbering like a bear and walk giant bear steps. Moving like a bear and practise racking (to move the arm and leg on the same side at the same time) and improves body awareness in a fun and natural way.

10. Freeze Dance with the Pirate Sessa at the Castle

Dance and play statue when the music stops. Dance when the music comes back. Dance. Freeze! Dance. Freeze! Groovy music with built-in stops = freeze dance!
Practise ability to react and the ability to move freely – to free styling just the way the kid thinks is fun – to improvise.

Want a sneak peek at the dances in the app?

Here you see 10 short parts of the app Kids Dance with the Pirate Sessa in the Castle:

Where you find this kids app?

Download the app in the App Store on your iPhone or iPad or via the App Store for Apple TV.