FAQ – Apps for kids by Pirate Sessa

I want to dance with Pirate Sessa’s kids dance, how can I get access to the dances?
Kids dance with Pirate Sessa is available as apps (for kids 2-7 years old), you’ll find them in the App Store for iPad and iPhone and in the App Store for the latest version of Apple TV (which has its own app store).

Pirate Sessa’s apps for children 2-7 years are:

Your can dance with Pirate Sessa’s apps to do kids dance at home in your living room, out on the porch, in school or at kids birthday parties.

My kid wants to have a dance birthday party, is it okay to use Pirate Sessa´s dance videos?
Yes! Dance is a great kids birthday party theme and pretty simple to organize at home. Anyone who wants to – feel free to use Pirate Sessa´s dances to organize a children’s dance party. Here are a few ideas for a dance birthday party if you need.

I would like to start a dance group with kids, can I use Pirate Sessa’s dances and music?
Of course, Pirate Sessa will so be happy if you do that. The more kids dancing – the better! Anyone who is a parent or working with children in school can quite easily hold dance classes for kids or do a dance project using Pirate Sessa’s choreography and music.

You need access to the dances, via the apps and then practice to learn the various dance moves (you don’t have to learn all the dances at once, start with a few) (anyone with a childlike mind can do it and the moves don’t need not be perfect).

Why not gather the children in the neighborhood and create your own dance group with no demands and just have fun? With Pirate Sessa’s kids dance you do fun activities together with kids – at your own level.

Here is a complete concept you can do if you want to start a dance group.

How do I connect the iPad to the Smartboard so we can dance with the Pirate Sessa in larger groups in school?
You need an Apple VGA adapter, it has a VGA for the Smartboard and there is an other outlet for the iPad.

Is there any ”in-app-purchases” in the Pirate Sessa kids apps?
No, there is no ”in-app-purchases” in the apps, the only thing children can do in the apps is to switch between the dances.