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  1. Magda

    OMG!! I can’t describe how much I love your dance videos. It feels me with joy dancing to those moves. Both of my girls 3 and 1 year old love it as much as me and we are having so much fun and giggles while we do it. It’s my kind of entertainment silly, fun, active and it combines music fun with exercise in a very relaxing way.
    Thanks pirate sessa x

  2. Helena

    My children 1 and 3 years old, have hilarious times with the Pirate Sessa. The 1-yearold does it her way, mimics the sounds, flapping the arms and runs all around the house in the police car and airplane tracks. 3–yearold got most of it memorized by now and add some extras on her own. I have just as much fun as the kids and we laugh a lot. I love to see how happy the kids are. Pirate Sessa dance videos fits several ages and the tracks are perfect amout of time for children. Thanks Pirate Sessa for a imaginative kids dance!

  3. Johanna

    Oh, we’ve had SO much fun with the Pirate Sessa dance videos! Super success, a thousand thanks!

  4. Madeleine

    Ida 4 years old is jumping into her princess dress first thing after pre school and then she starts to dance with the Pirate Sessa. Little sister almost 2 years old bounce with her, ​with great admiration for her older sister.
    Ida also admire the Pirate Sessa’s delicate skirt, she makes comments about it every time!
    Awesome to have this activity for the kids while I’m fixing the food in the afternoon – it makes my kids happy. Thanks Pirate Sessa!

  5. Linda

    What a great idea! Vanessa admires the Pirate Sessa and wants to do the dance videos over and over again. She dances and jumps so the whole house is shaking! :o)

  6. Annika

    My little girl 3 years old studied the moves carefully before she dared to make a single movement. Then it was very important that Mommy also should dances with her. Now she do them all by herself and know the order of the tracks, ”now its the Frog dance”. Very good indoor activity for kids!

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