Ideas for organizing a kids birthday party with dance theme

Dance is a great theme for a kids birthday party when you want to arrange a fun celebration at home. You can use Pirate Sessa’s dance videos and music if you want to.
You need one of the apps to access the dances, and then you can either put on the dances directly on the TV or learn some dances. If you have the new Apple TV you can download the apps directly to the Apple TV (via the App Store available on the Apple TV).

When you wanna organize a dance birthday party

Great to keep in mind is that kids aged 2-7 years need less variation than it is usual to think. A basic rule is to choose the same number of dances like the age of the child.

For example, if it’s a party for 3 year olds – choose 3 dances and repeat, repeat.

A party for 5 year olds – do 5 dances and if it’s a 7 birthday party, maybe you catch up with all 10 dances.

Naturally, depending on age, you can probably do more dances the older the children are. Also, if there are kids with experience of dance – you can do more.

Tips for a dance birthday party = repeat, repeat

So, for a fun birthday dance party – choose a number of dances and repeat them over and over again. Keep it simple.

The the kids stay focused longer if you repeat and repeat so they get to learn each dance than if you change all the time.

Do the first dance 3-5 times in a row, turn off the music at times and ask what the kids think, if it’s fun and so. You can also pretend that you have a hard time learning the moves and ask the kids
”how was it now, how do I dance like a butterfly again” for example.

Kids party idea: Fun way to start the dance party

When it’s time to do the dancing part at the party, it might be good to start with a gathering, if you haven’t already done that, especially if not all the children know each other since before.

You can, for example, gather the kids and do a clap play siting in a circle. This is one way you can do it:

  • The game leader (you) begins by saying the name and choosing a place to clap with your hands. For example: ”My name is Mama Mia and I clap my hands on the floor.”
  • The next person says its name and select a place to clap. For example: ”My name is Elsa and I want to clap om the knees.”
  • Put together . Say aloud: ”Mama Mia claps on the floor” (and so everyone claps on the floor) and ”Elsa claps on the knees” (and so everyone claps on their knees).
  • Then the next person say its name and select a clap place. Start over and repeat all the names and do the clapping. And so on…

It doesn’t matter if many kids choose the same clap, the floor, knees and head tend to be popular. After this starting game all kids know all names and each other a little better.

Time to introduce the Pirate Sessa

Then it is usually a good to present the Pirate Sessa, and you can do that with a little short, exciting story.

You can say, for example:
”Do you know the Pirate Sessa? Or have you heard about the Pirate Sessa? She is a pirate princess and has a mother who is a princess and a father who is a pirate. Today we’ll get to dance with Pirate Sessa at her mother’s castle/her father’s dungeon.”

…and the start the Pirate Sessa’s dance videos or show the dances yourself if you prefer.

Everyone can participate, old and young, girls and boys, men and women, moms and dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, great grandma, great grandpa, cousins, aunts and the old lady from across the street.

The dance moves can be done anyway, it is totally okay to do own versions.


If you want to, you can say dance titles aloud, like: ”Here comes the butterfly dance, are you ready?” And then press play. Remember to repeat, repeat and repeat – it’s usually a great strategy with kids and kids dance. So, do the same dance over and over again.

& one more idea

When you done the dances some times, then maybe the birthday child may wanna choose his or her favorite dance? You can say something like: ”Okay, now you know the dances, which dance is the birthday child’s favorite?” and ”Let’s do it again!”

If it’s enough time you can of course also let other children in the group choose a favorite dance too.

Important to think about:

One important thing to keep in mind is to separate the dining and dancing, it is easy to choke on popcorn for example. And it’s common to just put out a bowl of popcorn on a table near the dance space. Take rather a pause in the dancing to eat and drink, and then when everyone is ready, dance some more.

Have fun now! /Pirate Sessa